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Look at the Tax Savings You Can Realize

Tax Savings

Participating in the MedAmerica Financial Services retirement plans can actually save you money.  If you currently utilize a plan that limits your contributions to $49,000 annually, MFSI can design a plan that allows each physician to save up to an additional $35,000 per year!  Additional retirement plan contributions mean substantial tax savings!

As an example, here are the potential savings:

Small Group Plan
(10 physicians)
Large Group Plan
(50 physicians)
a) Current Retirement Plan Maximum Contribution per physician


b) Current Tax Savings @ 35%
c) If each physician saved an additional $10,000 each year…
d) MFSI Tax Svgs @ 35%
Increased Tax Savings per physician (d-b)
Collective svgs for the group (multiply by # of physicians)
Estimated MFSI fees
Total Ann’l Tax Svgs net of fees

Your savings will vary depending on the number of physicians in your group.  Under the MedAmerica Financial Services retirement plans, some physicians may choose to maximize their contributions at $90,000 while others may only contribute $30,000.  Above example reflects an additional $10,000 in savings per physician.  These amounts can vary and mean increased or decreased tax savings.  MFSI Fees do not include investment management fees.

To discuss the potential benefits for your group, contact Chris Renner @ (800) 842-2808 or at rennerc@medamerica.com.







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