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Hope For Small Physician Groups

Small Group Plans

Small groups don’t have the economies of scale nor the resources to set up a cost effective retirement plan.  All too often, small groups have to pay large group fees to get a plan that is designed specifically for their needs.  MedAmerica Financial Services has a plan for you!

Back in 2005, at the request of a small physician group who appreciated the potential of these specialized plans, MedAmerica Financial Services designed a pair of low cost retirement plans specifically designed for small hospital based physician groups.  As of mid 2009, 6 small physician groups have begun to realize the benefits of the small physician group plan:


  • Meets all regulatory requirements of the Internal Revenue Service and Dept. of Labor
  • Allows individual physicians to shelter as much as $90,000 in their retirement plans and save over $35,000 in yearly taxes!  For a group of ten physicians, collective tax savings may amount to $250,000 annually!
  • Allows physicians to invest in virtually any liquid asset.
  • For a group of ten physicians, annual fees for startup plans will average about $3,500 over the first three years!  (Let’s see, spending $3,500 while potentially saving $250,000 in taxes????  That’s a good trade!)
  • Easy start up and implementation


  • Unfortunately (for the group), the plans allow so much saving that physicians may opt to retire early.  Sorry!

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