• “Their innovative and knowledgeable approach to retirement plans and financial planning has been an important component of the benefits we offer our employees.”
     K. Adams, COO
     Emergency Physicians Medical Group




As An Added Benefit... Check Out Our Financial Planning Network

Financial Planning

Do your physicians know how much life insurance they should carry?  Have they established a will?  Would they appreciate a highly rated fee-based financial planner to help them with their financial goals?

MedAmerica Financial Services, Inc. has contracted with the MedCentric Financial Network to implement a network of fee-based financial planners throughout the nation.  To date, highly rated financial planners (placement in the Worth Magazine Top 150 or the Medical Economics Top 200 Financial Planners) have been established in California, New Jersey, Utah, New York City, eastern Pennsylvania, the greater Atlanta area, and southern Michigan.

As an added benefit of utilizing MedAmerica Financial Services’ retirement plan program, MedCentric offers its financial planners to all groups established in existing areas and to all groups with at least 50 physicians in new regions.  MedAmerica will pay 80% of the cost of a two hour overview session ($500) for each physician in your group that signs up.

For more information, check out www.medcentriconline.com.







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