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“Education is a progressive discovery of our ignorance”
– Will Durant, U.S. Author

Physicians spend 11 years of their lives, earning very little and immersing themselves into learning about medicine.  All of a sudden, they’re licensed and earning ten times their previous income with little or no experience investing their savings (if they have any left after school loans).  MedAmerica Financial Services understands this dilemma and has instituted a variety of investment education for physicians so that they can properly begin a retirement program, protect themselves with various insurance products, and initiate college savings plans for their families.  MedAmerica Financial Services, along with Schwab Retirement Plan Services, and the MedCentric Financial Planning Network provides ongoing education for your physicians and employees on such topics as:

  • The Value of Retirement Savings
  • Why Social Security won’t be enough
  • Plan Provision & Benefits
  • Diversification and Investment Allocations
  • Financial Planning and Tax Issues
  • Health Plan Tips
  • The Pros and Cons of a Health Savings Account
  • 529 Plans for your children

MedAmerica Financial Services utilizes several methods of communication in an effort to continuously educate and inform each group’s physicians and employees:

  • Group Presentations
  • One on One meetings with each physician (phone or in person)
  • Financial Planning articles and tips sent via newsletters, postcards, and e-mail

Schwab Retirement Plan Services also provides an array of educational materials such as newsletters, webcasts, and computer generated modules.  These materials are available at www.schwabplan.com.

MedAmerica Financial Services prides itself on its expertise and friendly ability to help physicians and employees.  Physicians have spent most of their lives learning about medicine.  Most do not have an interest in investment or savings, but that doesn’t lessen the need.  Whether it’s setting up a loan, educating individuals on investments, or providing advice on a 529 plan, MedAmerica can answer these questions for you in a concise understandable manner.







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