• “Their innovative and knowledgeable approach to retirement plans and financial planning has been an important component of the benefits we offer our employees.”
     K. Adams, COO
     Emergency Physicians Medical Group




Annual Audit Review

Audit Reviews

Every plan with over 125 participants is subject to a required annual audit by a private accounting firm.  Burr, Pilger & Mayer of Walnut Creek, CA, an audit firm specializing in retirement plan audits, provides annual audit services for each of MFSI’s physician group plans, ensuring that transactions are completed on a timely basis, contributions are properly credited, financial statements are accurate, and regulatory forms are filed properly.  While this process is fairly transparent to the employer, it provides assurances that each participant’s balances are accurate, that contributions were properly credited, and that annual tax forms are properly filed.

The Board of Directors of each physician group can expect to receive a copy of their audited financial statements each year.







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