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IMPORTANT NOTE: FOR MOST PHYSICIANS, FEDERAL INCOME TAXES ARE INCREASING BY AT LEAST 3 PCT. POINTS IN 2011! For single filers earning over $200,000 (married over $250,000), your federal tax bracket will rise from 31% to 34%! If it becomes law, the Health Care Reform Act will increase federal taxes by another 0.5 to 5.9 percentage points!  That means that your federal tax bracket could increase to 36.5 to 41% (or more) of your annual earnings!  For many emergency room physicians, this means that annual tax payments will increase by $9,000 and perhaps by much more!

California, New York, Michigan, Oregon, New Jersey and several other states have also raised state income taxes!

Consider adding a Defined Benefit Plan to your existing 401(k) plan and allow your physicians to shelter an additional $35,000 or more from state and federal income taxes.  MedAmerica Financial Services has a pre-designed plan that can be quickly implemented to allow your group physicians to save more for retirement and pay less in taxes each year!

Here’s how it works…

Your physician group has a defined contribution plan (401k / profit sharing plan) that allows each physician to contribute $49,000 in tax deferred contributions.  For many groups, the retirement plan stops there. However, MedAmerica Financial Services utilizes a pre-designed defined benefit plan that, depending on the enrollment of physicians within your group, could allow physicians to shelter $35,000 or even more from taxes! With increased tax rates, physicians could save $15,000 in tax payments
each year!

MedAmerica Financial Services (“MFSI”) specializes in designing and administering retirement plans for hospital-based physician groups. Along with our partner, Schwab Retirement Plan Services, MFSI has designed
a set of retirement plans that:

  • Allows individual physicians to shelter (tax deferred) up to $90,000 in annual retirement plan contributions.
  • Allows each physician the option of investing their retirement plan contributions in virtually any stock, bond, or mutual fund.
  • Provides each participant with daily website access so they can monitor and trade their own investments.

MFSI recognizes that emergency physician groups have highly compensated physicians with special financial needs.  Thus, we have created low cost retirement plans which are:

  • Designed specifically for hospital based physician groups
  • IRS approved and easy to set up
  • Flexible to small or large physician groups, as well as corporations, professional corp’s, LLC’s, LLP’s or partnerships
  • Cost effective, superior plans that provide higher contribution potential, greater tax advantages, and tremendous investment flexibility compared to other retirement plans






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